Best Love Songs

Love Music Productions is a music education charity I’ve worked with over a number of years on various projects. After a string of local shows to test their new material, the band, described as the love child of Tool and Incubus, have put the finishing touches to their new 9 track (56-minute) album. Guys LOVE Sade, and he’ll love when you let him know he’s your king with this song.

It matters not what kind of music opens you up to delight or makes you back off in whimpering distaste, some kind of ‘music’ is likely to powerfully affect us all, and what pushes your ‘like’ or indeed your ‘dislike’ button is likely to reveal something about your individual psychology as much as it might give clues to your age and from whence you came.

Salimpoor believes this combination of anticipation and intense emotional release may explain why people love music so much, yet have such diverse tastes in music—one’s taste in music is dependent on the variety of musical sounds and patterns heard and stored in the brain over the course of a lifetime.

Different types of tunes define certain regions, and knowing about these kinds of music can take you to places. If you are new to us that is also great, please do enjoy your music experience with Euphonious Radio. Whether you’re celebrating a wedding anniversary or a year of dating, an anniversary with just the right message will show the one you love that you’d commit to them all over again.

Rhythm is all about predictability, he says, and our predictions about music start forming from a pretty early age onward. When you are searching songs for ideas in your love letters, you’ll need to first understand what it is about your partner that is worth-cherishing.