Biophilia Educational Project

I don’t know why, but I find the idea of interpreting nature musically to be very appealing. Often, however, this is not the case – instead, another woman who possesses all these characteristics (with music of a simlar quality) appears from nowhere and goes on to enjoy a spell of pop stardom. Today, music therapy is most commonly used for people undergoing a cardiac procedure and for those recovering from a heart attack or learning to cope with heart failure or other cardiovascular condition.

Music can be helpful if you have to work in the noisy place, for example a crowded office or public transport. At the University of Maryland Medical Center in Baltimore, researchers measured blood flow through the forearm (a stand-in for blood vessel health) as healthy volunteers listened to music or relaxation tapes.

Otherwise, it is easy to make mediocrity, undo beauty with convenience, misrepresent ourselves and whatever culture we represent, and make civilization in spite of nature. A subsidiary hypothesis was that the effects of NTX would be larger on the participants’ self-chosen, pleasurable music than on neutral music, because the pleasurable music should have more emotion to attenuate.nature music

The work on the LoungeV project has resulted in hundreds of hours of relaxing nature footage (enough for our own separate ambient TV channel!). One of my informants actually said, Your music is in your nature and your nature is in your music”. There is evidence that music therapy may increase responsiveness to antidepressant medications.

The best music to hear when going to sleep is very easy-listening music like piano music, classical music and even better music that features nature sounds of waves, birds and wind. They played Beethoven songs through loudspeakers at rice fields and tracked the results, ruling out light and wind factors and seriously proving that the music was spurring flowering in the rice plants.