Swarthmore College

Get the AOL Radio App for the best experience to play this station and hundreds more! The act of practicing playing classical music and listening to it at the same time can teach kids to lengthen their attention span. You have the possibility to download your best music not only from YouTube, but from DailyMotion, Metacafe, Facebook and more!

Music also gives us a glimpse of the cultures, tradition and everyday life of other nations. Most music therapists use classical music in auditory therapy because of how it stimulates the brain and calms the nervous system at the same time. The winners of the 2017 Tiny Desk Contest stop by our studio for a colorful and funny live session and interview.

We say that Inspirational music is a new category and yet it’s really as old as music itself. Through the week the team teaches worship at C3 College , writes & produces worship albums and ministers in churches around the world. This often makes music of special interest to autistic children, and there have been many case studies regarding autistic children who are musical savants.

Advancement in technology has made it very easy for us to access music on the go, online, via different mediums like smartphones, tablets, and mobile phones. Music is also used to kill boredom by giving us the joy of the listening experience when we hear it and respond.

Even adults who did not listen to music regularly as a child can experience a short-term burst in spatial capabilities after listening to music. In the 20th century, anyone with a radio or record player could hear operas , symphonies and big bands right in their own living room.