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We All Have a Favorite Piece of Music that Moves Us to a Special Place in Our Hearts. The show features a live connection with the Tommorrowland Mainstage in Belgium, meaning that you’ll get the chance to connect with music-lovers from all over the world, with synchronised special effects and the top-quality lineup you can expect from the iconic festival.

You can purchase tickets for One Love Music Festival through our website or Front Gate Tickets – we cannot guarantee the authenticity of any tickets purchased through a third party, so avoid potential disappointment and please purchase your tickets through our channels music

They found that music impacts many centers of the brain simultaneously; but, somewhat surprisingly, each style of music made its own pattern, with uptempo songs creating one kind of pattern, slower songs creating another, lyrical songs creating another, and so on. Even if people didn’t like the songs or didn’t have a lot of musical expertise, their brains still looked surprisingly similar to the brains of people who did.

I, for one, have a musical autobiography, the first couple of notes of a song or musical piece can evoke some instance in my past and that evocation can not only last for the music’s duration but can take me into memory’s vast chambers as potently as a photograph.

The most wonderful thing I believe music can bring to a person is when a person can sit down with their instrument and play (and/or sing) whatever feelings they would otherwise keep bottled up inside them – the kind of feelings you just wouldn’t be able to tell another person, the kind of feelings that only music can really bring comfort to.