Can You Learn to Play Electric Violin On Your Own?

Learning music and playing an instrument is one of the most beautiful things you can take part in your lifetime. Whether you love jazz, classical music, or hip-hop, music is a great way to stay involved in social activities. When you play in an orchestra or with other string players, you develop a sense of belongingness which leads to long-term happiness.

But, is it possible to learn how to play the electric violin on your own?

Exploring New Talent in Playing Electric Violin

Music has a timeless beauty that can withstand the test of time. From Beethoven, Stravinsky, Mozart, Bach to modern violinists of today. In the early years, acoustic violin has been the star of conciertos and classical shows. But today, string players are exploring their skills in playing electric violins.

Self-teaching when learning to play the electric violin is manageable with the help of online resources and books. However, it will take a lot more effort and time in order for you to understand the basics of playing violin and familiarize the parts of an electric instrument.

Unlike having a violin teacher to help you with the basics and advanced techniques, self-studying requires great deal of discipline and determination in order to become a successful self-taught string player. Although acoustic and electric violins are almost the same in nature, there are a few features that you need to learn.

Tips in Self-Learning an Instrument

Here are some practical tips to help you learn to play electric violin on your own:

  • Take online lessons. You can find a lot of forums and websites that offer free lessons and resources for those who want to learn how to play a stringed instrument by themselves.
  • Play more frequently. Daily practice will help you improve your skills. Whenever you have time, make sure to play your electric violin. Don’t lose hope if you commit mistakes, use them as lessons to become better.
  • Go electric and buy your on violin. If you have prior experience in playing acoustic violin, then it’s easier to learn the electric version.
  • Be confident and embrace your failures. Don’t be disappointed if you can’t play the violin perfectly. Develop confidence in every mistake, and strive to succeed as a self-taught violinist.

Now, are you ready to self-learn and become an electric violinist like you’ve always dreamed of? Follow these tips and achieve your goal in time.