Music And Entertainment Industry Jobs

Many people have often wanted to know how to find jobs in the music industry. I feel like I have come pretty far in the time span of just two years in my understanding in music structure though as I have gotten to a point where I can play many songs in the American Primitive style (John Fahey, Robbie Basho..) and have become proficient in playing in many tunings and styles.

Not only can they spend their time on the all important creative end of their career… writing, touring, and development, a good music publicist has a lot of music media connections right at their finger tips and can assure far more features, quotes, and reviews.

Although a growing number of music business degree programs have popped up – most notably, at Nashville’s Vanderbilt University – experienced music managers can tell you that music management jobs require the kind of real world experience that you can’t find in a classroom.

Kirsty comes from a background in music journalism and festival events, and is the former Managing Editor of street press The Brag, which she called home for 4 years, while editing the annual Big Day Out program and contributing to magazines like Rolling Stone and Demo.

With a significant research background in cultural policy, particularly in exploring arts leadership and the conservatorium culture, Helen has been Executive Manager and Research Fellow at Queensland Conservatorium Griffith University , Past chair of Music Australia and is an experienced cultural policy and higher education consultant and music educator.