Music Management Jobs In Nashville Require Hands

Atlanta is a great place to be if you want to get a job in the music industry. If all of this doesn’t sound like it fits you, then we suggest finding ways to keep music in your life, see if you can dive into your music interests during summer breaks, and continue on your current path until you gain clarity or recognition of an alternative course of action.

From what I’ve gathered, getting a degree in music can help open the doors for many career or job opportunities which will help to get you connected to people and even better opportunities, not to mention growth in education and maturity as a musician.

Popular music production is best understood as an interactive process in which the musician on one level speaks to the people and on another level speaks of and on behalf of them”2 Throughout our history we used music to comfort, support, encourage and motivate ourselves and each other so as to continue as a nation.

We hope you’ll read our article about going from community college to music school, if that’s the direction you want to go in: Community College for Music Students… Guidelines for Making it Work” There are a number of community colleges with strong music programs in SoCal so we hope you’ll talk with the head of the music program wherever you are, and see if they can offer some guidance.

Her research interests are in how music education can enhance development and performance across many areas including nursing, management and leadership and boys education, and the new field of neuromusical research and its’ potential to inform teaching practices and advocacy.