Why We Love Music—and Freud Despised It

In the late 1990’s, our own Steven Pinker ruffled feathers in the cognitive psychology community after he called music auditory cheesecake.” He was referring to the theory that music is a useless by-product of natural selection – a potentially wasteful use of our brain’s resources that brings pleasure but serves no evolutionary purpose for the species. Listening to these songs, it appears there is nothing new to say, so I thought I would save writers the trouble and create an all-purpose love song. The live disc, a compilation of Nirvana concert recordings, finally saw release in October 1996, titled From the Muddy Banks of the Wishkah.

Aristotle wrote on music theory scientifically, and brought about a method of notation in 350 BCE. Spotify paid music creators $18 per user in 2014, the last year of available data; by contrast it is estimated that YouTube delivered less than $1 per user to music creators in 2015.

The For You” section of Apple Music provides a fresh mix of albums, new releases and playlists, which have been personalized just for you. Today, through some video taken from YOUTUBE, i will list the 20 most beautiful love songs ever, of all time. Such is the mesmerizing power of music that it can take you to places far away and evoke emotions you never though you had.

The online extension of Billboard Magazine, is the essential online destination for the music business. It also sounds kind of a knock off of other artists songs such as Timbaland’s music style. Please consider supporting Love Music with a donation via our page on Now Donate by clicking on the button below.

Whether you feel sad, happy or angry, there is music that you can turn to. It helps you find an outlet for your emotions, which almost always makes you feel better about yourself. In preschools, kids are taught a number of rhymes and songs that they love to listen to and sing.